Did you know that when you do a LIVE PODCAST you can answer questions from the audience in real time??? We tested that out this week by answering plenty of questions and more!

Breaking: Big NHL Trade: 6:48 
NFL Continued QB Controversy: 11:31
Tom Brady To The Dark Side?: 17:54
Baylor Wins NCAA Championship: 21:02 
MLB Updates: 27:33
Ask The Audience: 33:36
MLB All-Star Game Will Be In Colorado: 36:38
Yermin Mercedes Hit In First 8 Career At-Bats: 47:36
New Loki Trailer: 49:20
Thunderbolts Theory: 52:49 
Who’s Your Favorite Avenger?: 55:54
Jupiter’s Legacy Netflix Trailer: 57:30
Marvel vs DC Movie???: 59:42
Ghostbusters Afterlife Trailer: 1:06:18
Pac-Man 99: 1:12:46

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