Lee and Ray establish a big goal in this episode as they look into the future with excitement about a new theme park. They also give us the run down on the Mandalorian Chapter 13, the latest news on console scalping, all the news from NFL Week 12, and their thoughts on the boxing matches that recently took place. Make sure you stick around to hear Lee’s review of “Ready Player 2” and then be sure to comment below for our mashup!

Mandalorian Chapter 13 - 3:48
Rest In Peace David Prowse - 16:02
Xbox TV? - 17:47 
3,500 PS5s Scalped In UK - 20:16
Hyrule Warriors Age Of Calamity - 25:40
Super Nintendo World Opening Feb 4 - 27:55
Ready Player Two - 33:26
NFL Week 12 - 39:57
NBA and NHL - 56:25
New MLB Prospect League - 59:08
Tyson vs Jones Jr - 1:01:15
Paul vs Robinson - 1:02:54
Mashup: What Theme Park Would You Create? - 1:11:24

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