Ray and Lee are back dissecting the big news stories in sports and geekdom. Cam Newton is a Patriot. Washington might change its mascot. Bobby Bonilla and Prince Fielder get paid. NBA2K21 gets its cover athletes. Alien and Predator leave Dark Horse comics. Star Wars might be retconned. And a new TMNT. Plus, a new mash-up!

Cam Newton and Patriot Penalities – 1:55
Washington Might Change Its Name – 7:49 
Bobby Bonilla and Prince Fielder get Paid – 25:15
More Baseball News – 29:35
Covid’s Further Affect on Sports – 33:53
Star Wars Retcon – 41:40
New TMNT – 50:38
Beavis and Butthead Return – 57:41
Fallout TV Show – 1:00:24
First prescription video game – 1:04:10
NBA 2K21 Cover Athletes, More Expensive Games – 1:10:25
Laura Bailey and Lin Manuel Miranda Harassed – 1:17:49
Alien and Predator Comics Join Marvel – 1:27:06
Mash-Up – 1:30:00

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