Ray and Lee are back with a jam-packed week. They talk about the NFL Draft, the NHL coming back, and the contraction of Minor League Baseball franchises. Then they talk about the cancellation of WWE 2K21, Ray gives an in-depth look at a new game, The Persistence, and the Batman script leaks. Finally, for their mash-up, they ask what video game characters (besides those that already have) could have their own sports franchise.

Minor League Baseball – 4:40
NHL Returns – 11:43
NFL Draft – 18:40
Madden Curse – 33:18
Gronk to Bucs – 39:04
HHH 25 Years – 42:35
WWE 2K21 Cancelled – 45:22
The Persistence – 50:03
Batman Script Leaks – 1:03:28
Batman Relationships – 1:08:49
Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage – 1:12:28
Comic Book Castings – 1:16:25
Back to the Future Theory – 1:19:45
Mash-Up – 1:22:16

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