A two week break leaves us with a lot of geek news to cover, and a bit of sports as well. Hear what Ray and Lee have to say about all of it, only on Geeks Who Like Sports.

-Spider-man No Way Home
-Hawkeye 5 and 6
-Black Panther 2 Being Rewritten
-Book of Boba Fett Episode 1
-Matrix 4 Resurrections
-Batman Coming to HBO Max 45 Post Release
-Cobra Kai
-Video Games Workers – Communication Workers of America
-Riot Class Action Lawsuit
-Women’s CSGO Tourney
-Embracer Group Acquires Dark Horse
-Ray Official Games of the Year
-NFL Week 15 and 16
-Antonio Brown
-Urban Meyer
-Remembering John Madden
-Fedex Field Collapsing
-NHL Pulls Out of Olympics
-Kyrie Back With Nets
-Ken Rosenthal Fired by MLB

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