Happy Thanksgiving!! While you’re getting ready to chow down with some turkey and stuffing be sure to check in with Lee and Ray on all the latest Geeks-Sports happenings!

SPOILER WARNING: There are major spoilers for Ghostbusters Afterlife included in this week’s episode. Please skip ahead from time code 5:26 past timecode 17:28 if you do not want to hear major spoilers.

-Ghostbusters Afterlife
-Bel Air Streaming Show
-WB Games MultiVersus
-First Officially Licensed Smash Bros Pro Circuit
-SDCC Is Apparently Happening This Weekend
-Epic Acquires Harmonix
-WWE 2K22 Trailer,
-WWE Releases Hit Row
-NFL Week 11
-Antonio Brown Fake Vaccination Cards
-21 FGs/XPs Missed This Week
-Garrett Fired
-Michael Strahan Going to Space
-USFL Is Back
-Senators Covid Outbreak
-Devils 3rd Jersey
-Ohtani/Harper MVPs
-Cleveland Guardians
-Mashup: What all time athletes would make the best Ghostbusters?

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