Star Wars season is around the corner, the guys briefly discuss their thoughts on the second episode of Marvel's What If. Also, the world will probably be in a lot of trouble whenever Elon releases his new Tesla Bots because, lets be honest, it doesn't ever turn out well in the movies (even Producer Katelynn has seen iRobot…) Stick around for a rare happy Ray Rant to wrap up this episode of Geeks Who Like Sports.

- Eternals Trailer
- Star Wars Visions Trailer
- What If Episode 2?
- Elon Musk Tesla Bots
- Pokémon Arceus Trailer
- Call of Duty Vanguard Trailer
- NHL 22
- NHL Jersey Ads
- Arizona Coyotes
- Lundqvist Retires
- Tebow Released
- MLB Suspends Jack Morris
- Summerslam preview
- Mashup: What sports teams would fictional properties root for?

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