Ray’s really upset with Mortal Kombat this week, and also his Yankees…
Also, 104 marks 2 full years of Geeky Sports news weekly and you won’t believe what we have in store for you!

-Falcon And Winter Soldier Episode 4 Recap: 5:46
-Netflix And Sony Deal For Spider-Man: 25:57
-Sony Developers Leaving In Droves: 36:35
-Indiana Jones 5: 42:39
-Star Trek Movie Coming And Black Adam Filming: 43:58
-Mortal Kombat: 47:13
-MLB The Mets Cheat 54:29
-MLB Phillies/Yankees Updates: 1:00:34
-MLB Padres’ No-No: 1:02:12
-NHL Final Stretch: 1:05:44
-NBA Final Stretch: 1:16:02
-Mash Up: What Sports Highlight Can You Watch On A Loop???: 1:23:18

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