It was a crazy week. Crazy Wandavision, crazy DC, crazy gaming, crazy Russians, crazy goalies, crazy Knicks, crazy quarterbacks, crazy news…Cats and Dogs, living together – MASS HYSTERIA! Geeks Who like Sports ep. 98 is here!

WandaVision Ep 8 Recap: 1:25 
Release Dates (Loki, Bad Batch, Modok, Spider-Man): 18:41
The Snyder Cut: 26:36
Blue Beetle Movie: 34:00
JJ Abrams Superman: 34:44
Young Rock: 49:09
Last Ronin #2 Review: 50:58
Fan Call Out: 52:12
PS State Of Play: 59:40
PS5 VR Headset: 1:01:46
Pokemon News: 1:04:28
Super Nintendo Switch: 1:06:59
MLB Spring Training: 1:08:59
NHL Covid Protocol: 1:11:06
Panarin: 1:11:36
Binnington: 1:15:15
NYK Are The 4-Seed?!: 1:18:27
Henrik Lundqvist: 1:21:38
Do People Know Teams’ Actual Names?: 1:21:51 
Fans Allowed Back?: 1:23:52
Russell Wilson: 1:25:19
Cam Newton: 1:30:38
Washington Football Team: 1:34:21
Tiger Woods: 1:36:32
Mashup: What Comic Character Would You Want To See Talk Trash To A Pro Athlete?: 1:41:01

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