Who's been talking about geek-everything?
It’s been Lee and Ray all along
Who’s angry at their teams’ first string?
It’s been Lee and Ray all along
They’re humorous (Ha, ha!)
So sedulous
Their show takes time and focus
And they're giddy too (They're giddy too)
Gritty, gritty, gritty, gritty
They literally talk about anything
Because this podcast must go on.
Thanks to Lee & Ray (Ha!)
Geeky Lee & Ray
A lot of sports all day long
And we like Hamilton too!
WandaVision Episode 7 Recap - 3:15
Jennifer Lawrence As Sue Storm? - 14:45
Assembled Series On Disney+ - 17:32
Constantine From JJ Abrahms - 20:09
DC Comics News - 22:56
Fan Call Out: Casey Ewasko - 29:07
The Future Of Comic Book Shops - 30:13
Mortal Kombat Trailer - 33:10
Nintendo Direct - 38:48
New Rover On Mars - 45:58
Philadelphia Eagles’ Off-Season Moves - 49:22
NHL Lake Tahoe - 54:57
NBA Planning All-Star Game - 1:01:08
Winter Weather In Texas - 1:03:58
Mashup: What Athlete Is Best Suited For Mortal Kombat? - 1:08:40

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