Ray has a crazy dream that you NEED to hear and Wonder Woman 84 released last week so your favorite geeks have a TON to discuss about it. Football continues on through week 16 and the playoff landscape is unpredictable. Stay tuned for our question of the day because we want to hear from you!

Ray’s Dream - 1:47
Wonder Woman ’84 - 7:18
Cobra Kai Season 3 Release - 1:05:09
Why Do Narratives Suffer In Some Games? - 1:09:11
RIP Brodie Lee 1:24:16
NFL Week 16 - 1:28:58
Washington’s QB Controversy - 1:47:12
NBA Opening Week - 2:02:57
Lundqvist Updates - 2:03:32
Tampa Bay Rays’ Fire Sale - 2:05:25
Question Of The Week: What Geek Film Do You Wish Could Be Remade In Modern Form? - 2:08:11

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