Lee and Ray cover a ton of great topics this week including some Star Wars related rumors, a new documentary series from the same people who brought us “The Last Dance,” and all the sports happenings for the week. Half way through the show, they are joined for a second time by comics legend Kevin Eastman to talk about the Patriots and his latest TMNT project.

The Mandalorian Chapter 10 - 6:06 
Boba Fett Spin-Off Series Rumors - 15:02 
Stone Cold Steve Austin Documentary Series - 18:59 
Who’s On Your Wrestling Mount Rushmore? - 24:42 
EA and NHL Extend Agreement - 39:44 
EA To Release Remaster Of Mass Effect - 41:44 
Square Enix’s Avengers Bombs - 43:50 
New Console Generation - 53:43 
Sony Trophy Change - 57:54 
Rest In Peace Alex Trebek - 1:01:56 
Kevin Eastman Leaderboard Interview - 1:06:57 
NFL Week 9 - 1:22:40 
The NFC Least - 1:30:31 
The NBA Agrees To Start On December 22 - 1:39:01 
The Justin Turner COVID Catastrophe - 1:41:22 
Clemson vs Notre Dame - 1:47:36 
Jeff Luhnow Sues The Astros - 1:52:56

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