Ray and Lee begin the show with a special intro addressing the current events in the world, then get into the current status of sports, the worst sports moments in their lives, and what sports action figures they want. Then, in geekdom, they discuss Cobra Kai, Legends of the Jedi Temple, Sonic 2, PS5 and SEGA announcements, and what is the craziest alternate universe superhero.

8:50 – NHL, NBA, MLB Updates
14:45 – XFL Returns?
18:17 – SpaceX
20:48 – Worst Sports Moments Ever
44:22 – Sports Action Figures
52:20 – Legends of the Jedi Temple
55:08 – Cobra Kai Leaving YouTube
59:52 – Sonic 2
1:05:28 – Henry Cavill Returning as Superman
1:12:25 – Video Game Announcements
1:18:18 – Craziest Alternate Universe Superheroes
1:24:39 – What is the best two movies of a franchise?

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