Ray and Lee are back with a jam-packed episode. They analyze the 24-team playoff format for the #NHL, talk about the #NBA in Orlando, discuss the Snyder Cut coming to HBO MAX, celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, and much more! And for this week’s Mash-Up, they ask what fictional characters should play golf with Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson.

NHL 24-Team Playoff – 1:51
NBA at Wide World of Sports – 14:50
MLB Season a No-Go? – 23:50
Jerry Sloan Tribute – 31:00
Owen Hart – 32:05
The Last Dance – 35:50
The Match: Champions for Charity – 38:28
The Snyder Cut – 40:40
Superman History Lesson – 49:55
Ruby Rose No Longer Batwoman – 58:20
Too Many Villains – 59:05
DC Wins a Webby – 1:06:25
40th Anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back – 1:07:30
Mash-Up – 1:13:15

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