Ray and Lee are back and reacting to the cancellation of SDCC, preview The Last Dance, and discuss the Eagles and Giants before the 2020 NFL Draft. Also, some fun baseball stories, video game release dates, WWE news, and a mash-up that asks what video game character should get a Last Dance style documentary?

The Last Dance – 2:02
Fun Baseball Stories – 13:36
Kyle Larson/eNASCAR – 17:42
WWE Stories/Howard Finkel – 20:12
NFL Draft Preview – 36:47
SDCC Cancelled – 50:01
Video Game Release Dates – 57:39
Saved by the Bell Reboot – 1:00:11
Spider-Man 2 PS5 Rumors – 1:09:25
Mash-Up – 1:17:48

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