Ray and Lee breakdown the DICE Awards in video games, discuss Sonic the Hedgehog’s big box office and the failure of Birds of Prey, criticize Robert Pattinson’s Batsuit, and analyze week two of the XFL. They then look ahead to the NHL trade deadline, celebrate the NBA All-Star game, and then ask if the Jaguars should replace the Rams in St. Louis in the NFL.

DICE Awards – 1:32
Sonic the Hedgehog/Birds of Prey – 19:33
Pattinson’s Batsuit – 29:45
XFL – 37:58
Rangers Trade Lundqvist? – 47:38
NHL Stadium Series – 59:15
NBA All-Star Weekend – 1:08:37
Houston Astros Waste Our Time – 1:16:42
Question of the Week – 1:25:10

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